Wellness care Total Solution

Finds the closest answer in terms of functional medicals database that was built on sophisticated technology

Wellness report

Wellness Care Report is along with the data and questionnaires about lifestyle and health conditions, Individual blood, hair, and urine samples are quickly analyzed for the Wellness Report.
It is user-friendly, and it elaborates on the scientific analysis of the user’s results as if you were listening to your own friendly doctor in person.


Welcoach Algorithm

BioCourt’s system activates algorithms to compare/analyze users’ health examination results with big data and create optimized solutions through this process.
Welcoach Algorithm not only provides customized nutritional recommendations to users, but also enhances the usability of wellness care reports by offering lifestyle solutions to individuals based on scientific data. Offers customized wellness care services by providing solutions tailored to the service areas you need with advanced technology.


Personalized Food

BioCourt’s Food Nutrition Solutions data, combined with big data from partners in the United States, is available in a variety of formats depending on the user’s bio- function/gender/age/health condition and lifestyle using a customized dietary solutions.
In addition, based on the report results, we recommend a customized menu, food materials, and convenience food.


Personalized Supplement

Based on accumulated big data, we have long used scientific methods to compare.
To select products with the best quality and efficacy, BioCourt’s system carefully recommends nutritional ingredients, health functional foods, and nutritional supplements according to the results of the user’s examination, constantly searching for new products and providing more effective products for perfect synergy.